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Thank you for volunteering to help a child! Below is information about your campus, start date, as well as campus contact information. Mentor Facilitators at the school you chose should have called you to schedule a day and time that will work for you.

Thanks for being a winner, helping others to be winners too!

Crain Elementary
Principal: Melissa Correll
School Secretary: Jessica Mendez
Mentor Facilitator: Nicole Garza
Address: 2706 N. Azalea
Phone: 361-573-7453
Mentoring Began: September 4

Chandler Elementary
Principal: Melanie Reed
Mentor Facilitator:
School Secretary: Sharon Tschoepe
Address: 5105 Guy Grant Drive
Phone: 361-788-9587
Mentoring Began: September 17

Hopkins Elementary
Principal: Leandra Hill
Mentor Facilitator: Felicia Sledge
Mentor Aide: Terry Flores
Address:110 Hopkins Rd
Phone: 361-788-9915
Mentoring Began: September 17

Howell Middle School
Principal: Jo Beth Jones
Mentor Facilitator: Pamela Edge
Receptionist: Kim Zella
Address: 2502 Fannin
Phone: 361-578-1561
Mentoring Began: September 4

Patti Welder Middle School
Principal: Denise Canchola
Mentor Facilitator: Ashley Hernandez
Receptionist: Veronica Morales
Address: 1604 E. North St.
Phone: 361-575-4553
Mentoring Began: September 10

Stroman Middle School
Principal: Dawn Maroney
Mentor Facilitator: C. Morales
Receptionist: Rachael Ochoa
Address: 3002 E. North St.
Phone: 361-578-2711
Mentoring Began: September 14