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Communities In Schools Brings Community Help to Individual Students

Communities in Schools is an important resource for helping at-risk and disadvantaged students in the Victoria Independent School District.

Overview: Victoria

Communities in Schools is located on five VISD campuses: Each Site Coordinator has a caseload of approximately 108 students. The campuses served are as follows:

How do I sign up for CIS services?
Anyone can recommend a child and forms are available at the front office at each campus.

What makes a student eligible for CIS?
Students must meet at least two of the following conditions:

Have a 70 or lower in at least two core subject classes – math or English for instance.
Fail the STAAR Test.
Be on free or reduced lunches.
Have a parent in jail or prison.
The student is on probation.
If a student is pregnant.

How can CIS help a child?

In addition to academic help, CIS can help:
With food
With clothes
With medicine
With transportation

What campuses offer CIS programs and how can I get more information?

2502 Fannin
Principal – Joe Beth Jones
CIS Site Coordinator – Nicole Janke

1604 E. North Street
Principal – Denise Canchola
CIS Site Coordinator –Nola Harris

3002 E. North Street
Principal – Dawn Maroney
CIS Site Coordinator – Daryl Ewers

4103 Mockingbird Dr.
Principal – Clark Motley
CIS Site Coordinator – Nicole Janke

307 West Tropical Dr.
Principal – Debbie Crick
CIS Site Coordinator – Leroi Holmes and Sophia Wilson

CIS brings resources and volunteers into the schools from our community to help our students so that their academic skills are strengthened, and we offer a comprehensive range of services throughout the school year to address the needs of our students’ academics, behavior, attendance, and social needs so that they can come to school every day eager to learn.

Mentoring is Here for 2018-2019!

Thank you for volunteering to help a child! Below is information about your campus, start date, as well as campus contact information. Mentor Facilitators at the school you chose should have called you to schedule a day and time that will work for you.

Thanks for being a winner, helping others to be winners too!

Crain Elementary
Principal: Melissa Correll
School Secretary: Jessica Mendez
Mentor Facilitator: Nicole Garza
Address: 2706 N. Azalea
Phone: 361-573-7453
Mentoring Began: September 4

Chandler Elementary
Principal: Melanie Reed
Mentor Facilitator:
School Secretary: Sharon Tschoepe
Address: 5105 Guy Grant Drive
Phone: 361-788-9587
Mentoring Began: September 17

Hopkins Elementary
Principal: Leandra Hill
Mentor Facilitator: Felicia Sledge
Mentor Aide: Terry Flores
Address:110 Hopkins Rd
Phone: 361-788-9915
Mentoring Began: September 17

Howell Middle School
Principal: Jo Beth Jones
Mentor Facilitator: Pamela Edge
Receptionist: Kim Zella
Address: 2502 Fannin
Phone: 361-578-1561
Mentoring Began: September 4

Patti Welder Middle School
Principal: Denise Canchola
Mentor Facilitator: Ashley Hernandez
Receptionist: Veronica Morales
Address: 1604 E. North St.
Phone: 361-575-4553
Mentoring Began: September 10

Stroman Middle School
Principal: Dawn Maroney
Mentor Facilitator: C. Morales
Receptionist: Rachael Ochoa
Address: 3002 E. North St.
Phone: 361-578-2711
Mentoring Began: September 14