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Mentor Connect Program

Mentor Connect recruits mentors/tutors for Victoria Independent School District

Mentor Connect is offered for students in elementary and middle schools. Whether they are being tutored, or getting to know their mentor, students realize they can achieve far more than they ever dreamed possible. Research shows that youth with mentors are more inspired to stay in school, achieve their goals, build relationships and develop positive self-esteem. Mentoring also enhances learning skills and improves academic performance.

  • 30 minutes a week
  • Currently we serve on six campuses: Hopkins, Chandler and Crain Elementary Schools, Patti Welder, Stroman, and Howell Middle Schools.
  • 1st– 8th grade
  • All materials are provided
  • Flexible schedule

Different formats of mentoring:

Academic Coach is someone that helps them with their academics, encourages them to make good grades, gives them assistance in understanding assignments or problems, and helps demonstrate effective ways to achieve success.
Life Coach is someone that provides guidance by listening and sharing with the student, providing constructive advice on handling tough situations, just being a good friend.
College Coach is someone that is there to help that student pursue the next stage in life by assisting in college applications, reviewing information for college, working with the family.

Mentors commit to the success of the students they mentor each week and feel satisfied knowing they help their students reach their full potential. If you would like to become a Mentor, please call our office today at 361.572.8232.

Interested in participating in the mentor program?



1. Which grade level or age would you prefer to work with:
2. If Elementary, which school would you prefer to mentor at? (Choose only one)
3. If Middle School, which school would you prefer to mentor at? (Choose only one)
4. With whom do you prefer to mentor? (Choose one)
5. What day of week the are you available to mentor? (Choose all that apply)