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January is National Mentoring Month ~ We Salute Our Past & Present Mentors.  Join them in Guiding Youth to a Brighter Future

Different Mentoring Formats:


Academic Coaching 

Tutors students with their school work, encouraging them to make good grades, and assisting them in understanding assignments or problems, and demonstrating effective ways to achieve success.  Gives additional, special, or remedial instruction in subjects such as math, reading, science, etc.

Life Coaching 

Provides guidance by listening and sharing with the student, gives direction on organizational skills, provides constructive advice on handling daily or tough situations and just becomes a good and trusted advisor and friend.

Career Advising

Helps students explore careers that fit their aptitude and interest, provides guidance on good work habits, assists with researching jobs and the training needed, helps with job applications, reviews resumes, and offers interview tips.

College Guidance 

Assists a student in applying for college, editing essays, establishing college connections, and preparing for campus visits.

Each week Mentors commit to the success of the students they mentor knowing they help their students reach their full potential.

If you would like to become a Mentor, please call our office today at 361.572.8232.